Why stay at an Lodge, Inn or Bed and Breakfast?

With all sorts of options available – why would you want to stay at and Inn, Lodge or B&B?  Why not a VRBO or AirBnBl?  Here are some things to think about: 

  • An Inn, Lodge or B&B is usually more personal – more apt to listen and respond to your needs or requests.  The owners are usually onsite and can help you plan your day or make local reservations. 
  • Inns and B&Bs typically give you an included cooked to order breakfast (not always, make sure to ask) – at Eagle Rock Lodge we offer a menu with several choices – and always a freshly baked item and fresh fruit.
  • There is no separate “cleaning fee” charged when you leave – everything is included in the overnight price (typically VRBOs and AirBnBs charge an additional/sometimes exorbitant “cleaning fee”)
  • Most Lodges and B&Bs are licensed and have licensed cooking/kitchen facilities – there are no licensing/cleaning etc requirements for VRBOs or AirBnBs.  Our Lodge is inspected annually by the County inspector who looks at both rooms, laundry facilities and kitchen cleanliness.

In the end, it’s your choice – but staying at a B&B, Inn or Lodge supports a local small business owner (and the local folks they employ), have regulations surrounding their cleanliness and try to give you the best service possible!  Thanks for considering us or another B&B, Inn or Lodge in the future!

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