My Favorite Kitchen Utensils!

Stainless steel kitchen tools on a gray granite countertop with a window looking out on a green bush. Many folks who stay with us come visit the kitchen and ask about the various recipes we use.  Instead of posting a recipe today, I’m going to post a picture and list of things I “can’t live without” in the kitchen!  Note that these are MY favorites and no one pays me to promote these.  Maybe you’ll find something new/different to try!  So, my mixer (Kitchen Aide – COMMERCIAL) – spend the $ and get the Commercial one – so much more powerful and will last forever (super quiet too);  a good immersion blender (mine is Cuisinart) – makes short work of any blending job;  a Thermapen – gives an accurate temperature reading in seconds (Thermapen is the brand);  a good/loud timer (I use one by Thermoworks (same folks who bring us Thermapen) mine is purple;  various graters – I found the best are made by Micrplane.  And, of course, an accurate scale, metal bench scraper, good wooden rolling pin, measuring spoons and cups, spatulas, wooden spoons, etc…  Feel free to ask me any questions about any of these items!  Love them all!

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