Spring is coming….

Yes, it’s still damp and chilly outside, but we can see that spring is in the air as plants are starting to pop up in the garden and buds are swelling on the trees.  Eagle Rock Lodge is fun even in the gloomy weather – if you book one of the fireplace or two person jetted tub rooms, you can relax inside while the weather drips outside.  Take the time to visit one of the local hot springs (Belknap Springs or Cougar Hot Springs).  Relax in a pool at Belknap or in the 5 natural pools at Cougar – we’ll be glad to loan you a large cozy towel for use at Brown wicker chair with green and patterend cusions in front of wood burning stoveeither of the springs.  Best time to visit is early morning – even in the rain or snow!  Hope to see you soon!

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