Cascade Hiking


Cascade Hiking

The McKenzie River trail is twenty six miles long and runs from Clear Lake to McKenzie Bridge. It’s world famous for the path running along the river the entire distance and the easy access to short hikes between areas of interest.

One of the most beautiful and easy to access hikes in the Cascades Mountains is at Sahalie Falls. A US Forest Service parking lot grants easy access to the trail with a very short hike to the falls, then follow the trail down river past Koosha Falls and to Carmen Reservoir. The well maintained stream-side trail has good footing and fantastic views of the river.


Another famous McKenzie River hike is to the turquoise Tamolitch Pool, also known as Blue Pool.At Blue Pool you can scamper down the steep embankment and go for a VERY chilly swim. This pool is actually where the McKenzie river comes back up after being underground just after Carmen Reservoir. It’s known as a dry falls, because during especially wet rainy winters the river will flood over the lava bed and waterfall into Tamolitch.