I know this is a silly question but, I love your ..(fill in the blank)…… where did you get it/them?

We get questions all the time about things we have/use at the Lodge – here’s a list a list of the most frequently asked questions – along with the answers!

  •  I love your sheets!  We order our sheets from InnStyle (www.innstyle.com) – they are the 600 count wrinkle free sheets.  Anyone can order them from InnStyle!
  • I love your pillows!  We also get those from InnStyle (see above link) – they have a  huge assortment – you can ask them which ones we got (if you loved them)
  • I love the framed metal trees around the Lodge!  They are handmade by a guy in Redding, CA – check out his facebook page:  Dustin Logan Metalworks
  • I love your mattresses!  We get our mattresses from the Sealy Hopitality Division – you can get them there too – but, you must buy 8 sets!  They are top of the line Sealy Posturpedics.
  • I love your sausage!  We order our sausage from Childer’s Meats in Eugene.  Not sure if they sell to the general public – but, you can give them a call!
  • I love your coffee!  We get it from Oregon Coffee Roasters (they ship to us) – it’s their 800-526-9940 (Italian Roast)
  • AND – finally – I LOVE YOUR POACHED EGGS!Poached Egg breakfast dish with orange juice, coffee mug and cake donuts on a red platter – no, you can’t take Robert home with you! 🙂

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