Odd Observations of an Oregon Innkeeper

  • Glass bowls on a wooden table filled with blueberries, green grapes, kiwi, apples and honeydew.Odd observations of an Oregon (formerly NH) Innkeeper:
  • If you put whole grapes in a fruit cup, most of the grapes don’t get eaten – if you cut them in half, they are gobbled up!
  • People on the west coast drink a lot less decaffeinated coffee than people on the east coast
  • West coasters eat way more sausage than bacon
  • There is a  universal “law of cookies” – no matter how many people stay with you and no matter how many cookies you make – they will all be gone in the morning!
  • If you have a wide open parking lot, someone will invariably park in the middle and make it difficult for others to park around them
  • If you have all empty tables in the dining room – and one has used dishes on it – the guests will invariably sit at the table with the dirty dishes.

You never know what will happen next – that’s what makes Innkeeping fun!


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