Fall beauty on the McKenzie River


Fall is just a few days away, but we are still blooming with beauty.


Gretchen & Kevin is our first wedding of the 2011 season.


Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow filming at Eagle Rock Lodge. It was a beautiful day for filming at the lodge.
Thanks for choosing us Adam!


Antiques Roadshow at the Lodge

Saturday we had the Antiques Roadshow at Eagle Rock Lodge to take some beautiful river and fishing video for the beginning of their program.

Great people.


McKenzie Guides Auction on the lawns at Eagle Rock Lodge


Each year the McKenzie River Guides Association has an auction for guided river trips to raise money for river safety and restoration. Here they are fixing a fantastic campfire lunch for this years auction winners.


We are pleased to announce that from 1100 applicants Eagle Rock Lodge was selected to be one of 43 lodges on the Web-based guide to the Central Cascades;

A Wooden Boat Festival that we put on each year with our partner company McKenzie River Drift Boats was selected to be on the website as well as the printed Geo Tourism map.

The goal of the National Geographic Geo Tourism map and website guide is to promote nature and cultural tourism, supports economic development in local communities, and addresses the need to preserve environmental and cultural assets in the Central Cascades, a region designated to extend from Mt. Rainier National Park to Crater Lake National Park.

Check out our listings for the lodge at

and the McKenzie River Wooden Boat Festival at


Waiting for Spring


The Spring is a beautiful time to visit Eagle Rock Lodge and the McKenzie River Valley. Eagle Rock Lodge is looking forward to Spring and all of the hope and beauty that arrives with it. Our daffodils are about four inches tall, the buds are swelling on the camellias so it is only going to take a few warm days to pop into spring.

These beautiful Iris’s are one of our first bloomers of the season!   Eagle Rock Lodge Bed and Breakfast staff are always looking for the perfect flower arrangement to put in our guests rooms, to welcome them to our Inn.   Each season at Eagle Rock Lodge brings it’s own beauty and we look forward to all of them.

Valentine Weekend


Our guests were greeted this morning with a light dusting of snow. No hiking today just a relaxing day spent next to the fire as they watch the snow fall. Our breakfast this morning at Eagle Rock began with a mimosa to celebrate Valentines day. I served our yummy chocolate cranberry scones with fresh oranges, kiwi and strawberries and chocolate hazelnut butter. For the main course; egg bundles with a creamy pepper cheese sauce and herb de’ Provence roasted potatoes. Finishing off breakfast with coffee from Oregon Coffee company, a great roaster that I found to supply our Lodge with fantastic coffee and teas. Even though we have yet another day of snow, I am looking forward to that beautiful new green that we are blessed with each spring here on the McKenzie River Valley.

Kudos for Eagle Rock Lodge!

Eagle Rock Lodge on the McKenzie River is in Best Places to Kiss

Eagle Rock Lodge on the McKenzie River is in Best Places to Kiss

Eagle Rock Lodge was recommended in the 2008-09 travel guide “Best Places to Kiss”.  …”Note that nearby eateries don’t compare to the cuisine served here-or anywhere in Eugene”.  If you want to read the entire review we are on page 65 of the travel guide.

Eagle Rock Lodge was also named Business of the Year from The McKenzie River Reflections, our local newspaper.

“Business of the Year, Eagle Rock Lodge of Vida, has been getting rave reviews for its three-course breakfasts, natural based cuisine and hospitality of owners Randy and Debbie Dersham. The updated facility has a rich history dating back to the 1940’s and a close association with guided river fishing. The latter was mentioned several times by supporters of the Lodge’s annual Wooden Boat Festival…”
If you want to read more of our reviews visit or

Randy and I are pleased that we are getting such positive feedback for Eagle Rock Bed and Breakfast. We take pride in caring for our guests and are striving to always give them the best service possible.