Kelsey and Kidd’s wedding at Eagle Rock Lodge

What a great wedding and a great couple.  We really enjoyed having Kelsey, Kidd and all of the families at the lodge.  The processional with drift boats was beautiful, the rock/paper/scissors what a fun way to decide who rows away, and the food was spectacular.  Congratulations Kelsey and Kidd.

Kelsey and Kidd's wedding at Eagle Rock Lodge

Kelsey and Kidd’s wedding at Eagle Rock Lodge

Kelsey & Kidd — Same Day Edit from GR-Productions on Vimeo.

Antiques Roadshow at the Lodge

Saturday we had the Antiques Roadshow at Eagle Rock Lodge to take some beautiful river and fishing video for the beginning of their program.

Great people.



We are pleased to announce that from 1100 applicants Eagle Rock Lodge was selected to be one of 43 lodges on the Web-based guide to the Central Cascades;

A Wooden Boat Festival that we put on each year with our partner company McKenzie River Drift Boats was selected to be on the website as well as the printed Geo Tourism map.

The goal of the National Geographic Geo Tourism map and website guide is to promote nature and cultural tourism, supports economic development in local communities, and addresses the need to preserve environmental and cultural assets in the Central Cascades, a region designated to extend from Mt. Rainier National Park to Crater Lake National Park.

Check out our listings for the lodge at

and the McKenzie River Wooden Boat Festival at


Waiting for Spring


The Spring is a beautiful time to visit Eagle Rock Lodge and the McKenzie River Valley. Eagle Rock Lodge is looking forward to Spring and all of the hope and beauty that arrives with it. Our daffodils are about four inches tall, the buds are swelling on the camellias so it is only going to take a few warm days to pop into spring.

These beautiful Iris’s are one of our first bloomers of the season!   Eagle Rock Lodge Bed and Breakfast staff are always looking for the perfect flower arrangement to put in our guests rooms, to welcome them to our Inn.   Each season at Eagle Rock Lodge brings it’s own beauty and we look forward to all of them.