Warm fire and a glass of wine

Cozy socks and a glass of wine by the fire are a perfect way to chase away the holiday stress and the dark December rain.

Tropical fruit with homemade coconut syrup


Yummy coconut syrup with mango, pineapple, banana and oranges.

Winter at Eagle Rock Lodge


After a very snowy December, the sun has decided to show itself and begin to warm up our little part of the world. The geese are back, and there are Mountain Chickadee’s checking out the local bird feeder.

Winter is a beautiful time to visit Eagle Rock Lodge. All is quiet, peaceful and so relaxing that our guests usually just want to nestle in their rooms with a good book, a few board games and a cup of tea or glass of wine. Try the Fireplace room with its rustic elegant decor and a large handsome fireplace to keep you warm during the chilly nights.

Wake up rested and ready for a wonderful three course breakfast in the main Lodge, where you can leisurely enjoy breakfast and watch the awesome view of the McKenzie River.